Payroll administration Cracow

Our advantage is a wide range of services that we provide. Therefore, we do not only analyse employment contracts from the point of view of personnel and payroll, but we also take into consideration other aspects with regard to the specifics of a particular trade. Thanks to this our services are both global and personalised as well as highly efficient. We offer preparation of pay-sheets with wire transfer on behalf of our clients.


Personnel management

  • personnel and payroll counselling,
  • preparing documents concerning hiring and dismissing employees,
  • registering and deregistering employees at the Social Security Institution,
  • managing personnel files,
  • managing annual leave register,
  • preparing referrals for medical examinations and occupational safety and health training,
  • calculating premiums for the Employee Benefit Fund,
  • preparing reports for the Social Security Institution and Central Statistical Office of Poland,
  • representing the client during the Social Security Institution and National Labour Inspectorate inspections.

Calculating of social security contributions

  • registering companies for the SSI premium payments and employees for insurance,
  • calculating the amount of benefits paid out by the SSI,
  • preparing payrolls,
  • calculating civil law agreements,
  • calculating the SSI obligations and income tax on salaries,
  • preparing IFT declarations,
  • preparing contracts and payrolls for non-residents with respect to double taxation convention,
  • delivering income statements and SSI declarations,
  • preparing annual declarations for employees.


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